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The personal data provided by you (“the User”) and retained by Guardian Glass, LLC (“Guardian“) for the purpose of facilitating your access and use of Guardian Glass Analytics Software (“Glass Analytics”) is usually limited to your username (which may be your email address) and password. Where permitted by applicable law, we may also require your name, company and business type.

By accessing Guardian® Glass Analytics the User consents to the following: (i) Guardian may transfer this data to its affiliates, service companies and service providers (some of whom may be located outside your home country) if this is necessary for the above-mentioned purpose and (ii) the data will be used exclusively for the purpose identified and will be processed in accordance with statutory regulations. It is understood that the User has the right to correct or request changes to the personal data provided and/or to revoke the consent by contacting Guardian privacy@guardian.com.

The Guardian Performance Calculator, Building Energy Calculator, Sustainability Calculator, Glass Visualizer and Acoustic Assistant tools (collectively known as "Glass Analytics") were developed by Guardian Glass, LLC ("Guardian") for use by its sales, technical staff, and channel partners to evaluate and compare various aspects of glass and glazing system performance; and Guardian grants user a limited license to use these Glass Analytics tools only for such purposes.

Spectral data for products manufactured by Guardian reflect nominal values derived from typical production samples or CE Initial Type Testing and subject to variations due to manufacturing and calculation tolerances. Spectral data for products not manufactured by Guardian were derived from the LBNL International Glazing Database and have not been independently verified by Guardian. Guardian recommends a full-size mock-up be approved.

The values provided herein are generated according to established engineering practices and applicable calculation standards. Many factors may affect glazing characteristics, including glass size, building orientation, shading, wind speed, type of installation, production process and others. The applicability and results of the analysis are directly related to user inputs and any changes in actual conditions can have a significant effect on the results. It is the responsibility of the users of the analysis to ensure that the intended application is appropriate and complies with all relevant laws, regulations, standards, codes of practices, processing guidelines and other requirements. Guardian makes no guarantee that any glazing modeled herein is available from Guardian or any other manufacturer. The user has the responsibility to check with the manufacturer regarding availability of any glass type or make-up.

While Guardian has made a good faith effort to verify the reliability of the tools used for this analysis, they may contain unknown programming errors that could result in inaccurate results. The user assumes all risk relating to the results provided and is solely responsible for selection of appropriate products for user's application. Guardian makes no express or implied warranty of any kind with respect to the tools used by Guardian and this analysis. There are no warranties of merchantability, non-infringement or fitness for a particular purpose with respect to the tools used by Guardian and this analysis and no warranty shall be implied by operation of law or otherwise. The only warranties applicable to Guardian products are those separately provided in writing for each product. In no event shall Guardian be liable for direct, indirect, special, consequential or incidental damages of any kind relating to or resulting from use of Guardian tools and analyses.

Building Energy calculations are based on typical building design and climate for the region as reported by 2012 ASHRAE IWEC Version 2 (used with permission) (www.ashrae.org).

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